SuperScale 2020 RC Car Active Suspension Kit

RC cars have come a long way. But however realistic the look and functionality are, an RC car cannot never replicate the behaviors of a full size car because of the size and weight of a scale vehicle. Or so that’s what we thought.

Enters SuperScale 2020 Active Suspension. In simple terms, SuperScale 2020 Active Suspension is an RC scale suspension simulation kit. The aim is, of course, to add realism to your build with 1:1 suspension behavior.

SuperScale 2020 RC Car Active Suspension Kit

This add-on electronic package lets you control the ride height, dampening, suspension “speed” and spring rate – just like you could on an actual race car. In addition, this kit also adds brake LED lights control and even simulates exhaust backfire. Pretty dope, eh?

Now, active suspension is not new, but as SuperScale has said, its version is not so much for improve handling. Its purpose is to make scale suspension behaviors and for that, I think SuperScale has more than achieve its goal.

In the video below, SuperScale 2020 demonstrated the Active Suspension kit on a custom RWD drift model with a 3D printed Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 body (which itself is a beauty, btw).

Go ahead and be wow by this latest RC innovation and if you are impressed, we have good news for you. This kit is something money can buy. SuperScale 2020 is selling the kit on its website for €75 (or about US$83) with standard shipping. You can learn more about SuperScale Active Suspension kit HERE.

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Images: SuperScale 2020.