Vintage folding camera is never synonymous with instant photography, but what if a camera with folding bellows does instant photography? Well, that’s exactly what the Jollylook Auto Vintage-style Instant Film Camera is about.

Packed inside the vintage-style folding camera is a modern instant camera mechanism with manual development unit, complete with auto-exposure and built-in flash. True to its vintage ethos, Jollylook Auto offers manual focus by setting the focus distance with the onboard focus scale and user-selectable aperture.

Jollylook Auto Vintage-style Instant Film Camera

Other notables include an electro-mechanical shutter, auto shutter speed (set by a light sensor), a 110 mm optical quality acrylic meniscus lens, a Fresnel reduction lens viewfinder, attached polarizing filter, standard tripod mount, and an internal lithium-ion battery good for over 80 images and rechargeable via micro USB with a standard phone charger (not supplied).

Jollylook uses widely available Fujifilm Instax mini instant film cassettes and film ejection is achieved using a manual crank drive mechanism.

If you are keen, you can find Jollylook Auto Vintage-style Instant Film Camera on Kickstarter where you can pre-order a unit for $79-$109.

Images: Jollylook.

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