The World’s First USB-C Apple AirPods and Wired AirPods

Remember Ken Pillonel aka Kenny Pi, the creator behind the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port that was later auctioned off for over 100 grand? Well, the man never stopped tinkering, ever. Well, last year he did the same to a set of AirPods when the original case cracked.

The World’s First USB-C Apple AirPods and Wired AirPods

Long story short. The case of his AirPods cracked and according to Apple, it would cost more to replace the case than it would to buy a brand new set, but thinking that not only he would have to spend more money for another pair but also contribute to yet another piece of electronic waste, Ken decided to repair it.

He proceeds to 3D print a case for it. While at it, Ken also replace the Lightning charging port with, you guessed it, a USB-C port. A couple ago the man did it again. By popular demand, he proceeds to convert the Lightning charging of the AirPods Pro into a USB-C port.

In this solution, Ken also 3D printed a case but you can don’t do that if you are able to open the case without damaging it. However, if I were to do it, I would probably go with a 3D-printed case as it would allow for a customized look. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if you have a transparent AirPods Pro charging case?

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Fast forward to even more recent days, Ken has teased his next AirPods mod project: turning a pair of wireless AirPods into a pair of wired AirPods, complete with a USB connector.

The World’s First USB-C Apple AirPods and Wired AirPods

Images: YouTube (Exploring the Simulation).