Apple products are synonymous with style. How could anyone have the audacity to slap on just any case on their Apple AirPods? Well, I mean, not that Apple AirPods is any stylish, but that’s not the point. The point is, slipping on a silicone case that does not add wireless charging to AirPods is borderline blasphemy. What you need is something that will do justice to Apple’s classy image. Something like this: AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods from Twelve South.

AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods

It won’t add wireless charging, but it will put your AirPods up on top of the style chart. It is case and as such, it will protect your AirPods charging case as it goes through its daily routine while affording you the freedom of access to the (ugly) earbuds and the charging case’s Lightning port. AirSnap features an elegant stitched leather construction, snap closure to access the AirPods that’s inside the charging case, a cutout for recharging the charging case, and finally, there is a carabiner-style clip that lets you attach it your backpack, purse, keychain or wherever you deem fits.

You can find AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods over at Twelve South website, priced at $29.99.

AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods

AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods

Images: Twelve South.

Source: The Gadgeteer.

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