You know how some small corner delis will make you smell like the food the delis are whipping up? Well, if you love the idea of the smell of food clinging onto you and you are also huge on roast beef, then the ‘World Famous’ Roast Beef Sandwich Reality Bath Soak is the ultimate treat for yourself after a long day at the mundane, odorless office. It contains 23 ounces of roast beef colored, “soothing, bat crystals” that promised to make stress relief “fun.” OK. It looks like it won’t leave you smelling of food like the KFC Japan’s Drumstick Bath Bomb does.

Darn it. I thought it would! What a shame. It will be a unique experience to be smelling like a roast beef (or any food for that matter) immediately after stepping out of the shower. It will make everyone wonder if you did really bathe or was your bathroom a corner deli or something. Unfortunately, the aroma is not on the menu; it is just roast beef flavored in the aesthetic sense. Roast Beef Sandwich Bath Soak sure makes for an awesome gag gift.

Roast Beef Sandwich Bath Soak

While it may be a joke, the Mediterranean sea salts used are real and has therapeutic effect that will make you feel rejuvenated (all while you are smiling away thinking how silly this is). It is all fun and laughter, but if you ever find your in a tub with “roast beef sandwich” bath soak, up above the clouds that are connected by some enormous bean stalks (hint: fee-fi-fo-fum land), then that is a different story with an ending that is possibly anything but rejuvenating.

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Anywho, if you down for a roast beef flavored bath, or think anyone of your family and friends might benefit from it, you may consider picking it up from Amazon for $17.95 a pop.

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Source: Geekologie.

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