HydroHammock Hot Tub Hammock

Love hot tubs, but also love the great outdoor? Well, then HydroHammock is guaranteed to tickle your fancy. One look at the name and you know it is up to something really, really cool. Cool like fusing the concept of a hot tub with a hammock to create the first-of-the-kind hammock that can also serve as a hanging hot tub. If that doesn’t sound crazy cool (or hot, in this case), we don’t know what will. Unlike regular hammock which are usually of ripstop nylon, HydroHammock is crafted from high-tensile, marine quality, sealed material that’s capable of sealing in the water as you dangle between trees to the warm of the water.

The nature of how a hammock forms when hanged between trees creates a natural, cosy enclosure ideal for hot tub and with the benefit of portability to boot. Each setup comes with the necessary gear such as straps, cam jams, and carabiners to get you started. That’s the basic, which cost $360. But if you are looking at the whole system, including a liquid propane-driven water heating system, it will run you back at a pricer $1,725. In between is the Deluxe option ($510), which offers a double layered HydroHammock for added insulation during extreme cold weather, which you can choose to add water to create an outdoor, swinging water bed.

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Man, that sure sounds tons of fun for a hammock. The HydroHammock can, of course, function as a regular hammock when you’re not up for a dip in the water. HydroHammock was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, which is now ready for your taking for the aforementioned prices. So, if you are dead serious about outdoor comfort, HydroHammock might be worthy of your consideration. Though you might be needing an off-road capable trailer if you intend to enjoy the full setup somewhere deep in the wilderness.

via Fancy