from the folks who brought to you the uber cool, minimalist wallet CINCH, comes yet another uber minimalist product: the Fulcro – a sleek, stainless steel, credit card size bottle opener that is so minimalist that it fits right into almost any wallet. before we go on, there is something that we thought you should know: the truth about bottle opener is, you can pretty much get any that will get the job done, but mostly just gets in the way between the man and his pants. to a point when you decided that enough is enough and you stop bringing one altogether. and not bringing it along can be a disaster waiting to happen for some man folks. so, a bottle opener that disappears into a wallet – just any kind of wallet – certainly sounds like an awesome proposition. that’s not too mention the minimalistic beauty it carries with it. and oh, it fits in Portsmith’s CINCH minimalist wallet perfectly too. minimalist wallet plus minimalist bottle opener – a combo that we find it hard not to love. damn. this is the first ever post that we use a same word over so many times, but that’s what it is. minimalist.

you can get your very own stylish, crafted in America, minimalist bottle opener by making a pledge of $15 or more over at their Kickstarter page. the dudes at Portsmith Co ain’t looking for hundreds of thousands – in fact, a grand is all they need to get this handsome little guy to your hands. so booze lovers, you know what to do.

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