if you are looking for convenience in charging your S4 without having to deal with cables, Sammy’s GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit might be an accessory of choice (for original accessories obsessed folks). out-of-the-box, the S4 is not wireless charging-ready, so in order to go the wireless charging route, you will need a wireless charging cover and a wireless charging pad. the charging kit uses Qi wireless charging standard as certified by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), so if you already have a Qi-certified charger, you can just get the back cover for $39.99. if not, you will have grab the charging pad for $49.99 as well. charging time for the kit takes between 3-4 hours and the back cover will inevitably add a slight bulk to your slim S4, thus limiting the possibility of using it with protective cases. a multi-colored LED on the charging lets you know if you have place the phone correctly for a good connection (sadly, like any Qi wireless charging pad, you still can’t just place it anyhow). and coming from Samsung, you can be assured that aesthetically, the charging pad will be an eye-pleasing one.

the Samsung GALAXY S4 Wireless Charging Kit is listed as separated items and as “back order” items on Samsung US site. though, no word on the pricing and availability outside of the USA. in the mean time, you can steal a few more look in the gallery below.

Samsung via Engadget

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