you know what’s rad now? minimalist wallets. suddenly, there are like a bunch of them popping up in the market (and on Kickstarter too) and that makes us think hard: do we really need another minimal wallet? however, if it comes in wood variant and can pop open a cold one – like the CINCH here do – then, that will have our attention and probably, our money too. the fact that it is a minimalist wallet needs little explanation – basically the wallet is made up of a hard ‘backbone’ and a black elastic band (called the ‘Keeper’) that you can utilized to stash your bills and cards (even memory cards) securely. the CINCH is offered in two varieties: an oak ‘backbone’ version with the black elastic band and the stainless steel ‘backbone’ with integrated bottle opener and of course, the black elastic band that keeps the stuff together. the latter version is particularly cool and a must-have if moving around light is your priority but yet not sacrificing the need to pop a bottle of booze or two, anytime, anywhere. plus, they won’t cost you a bomb (not even remotely): the ‘regular’ oak version goes for $20, while the stainless steel with bottle opener functionality costs $35. and you might have guessed, this is yet another cool Kickstarter project and these Portsmith Co. folks ain’t setting their bar too high and hence, they have a modest funding goal of just 10 grand – which should pretty easy reach, if you help them out. so take a look at their pledge video below and decide for yourself.

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