Here’s The World’s First USB-C Apple AirPods And The World’s First Wired AirPods

Remember Ken Pillonel aka Kenny Pi, the creator behind the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port that was later auctioned off for over 100 grand? Well, the man never stopped tinkering, ever. Well, last year he did the same to a set of AirPods when the original case cracked.

The World’s First iPhone With USB-C Port Is On The Block On eBay With Over US$100K In Bids

Remember the DIY iPhone with USB-C, i.e. the world’s first iPhone with USB-C port, by tinkerer Kenny Pi aka Ken Pillonel? He has put his creation on the block on eBay and holy mother of… the auction has since received 150 bids from 41 bidders, pushing the price of this world’s first iPhone with a …

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