Remember the DIY iPhone with USB-C, i.e. the world’s first iPhone with USB-C port, by tinkerer Kenny Pi aka Ken Pillonel? He has put his creation on the block on eBay and holy mother of… the auction has since received 150 bids from 41 bidders, pushing the price of this world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port to over US$100K.

The World’s First iPhone With USB-C Port on eBay

The auction went live earlier this week and at the time of this post, it is only halfway through with its 10-day auction. The phone, for those who have not already got acquainted with, is a black iPhone X with 64 GB capacity, and the video of it has gone viral shortly after it was posted on YouTube in early October.

Anywho, the sale of this DIY iPhone with USB-C comes with some conditions, and that includes the buyer “not restoring, updating, or erasing the phone,” nor should the winning bidder use it as his or her daily phone, and the buyer promised not to crack it open.

The World’s First iPhone With USB-C Port on eBay

I don’t believe anyone who wins this auction would adhere to the last condition, IMHO. However, if the winning bidder does contradict any of the above conditions, Ken said “you are on your own.” In other words, if you break something, don’t expect Ken to cover it. Makes sense, this device is, after all, it is a prototype. The winner will also get a 30-minute call with the man himself if the winner has any questions.

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Images: Ken Pillonel.

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