Unlike prescription eyewear, sunglasses are not worn throughout any given day. This means it has to be stashed away at some point in time and that makes it cumbersome and vulnerable to damage.

With the Roberto Pallini Magnum Fully Folding Sunglasses, though, it solves those quirks. For starter, it features a three-point folding system that makes storage super easy and convenient.

Roberto Pallini Magnum Fully Folding Sunglasses

This tri-fold system allows it to be folded down to fit your pocket without the need for a case. The fact that the lens is impact proof further gives you a peace of mind whether you are wearing it or it is inside your pocket.

Roberto Pallini Magnum Fully Folding Sunglasses is offered with a choice warm or cool lenses. Whichever you choose, you are assure of “heightened clarity,” protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and anti-reflective coating.

Roberto Pallini Magnum Fully Folding Sunglasses

The frame is made from recycled ABS plastic and it is perfectly balanced, incredibly lightweight, and it features smooth nose cushions built into the subtle curvature of the frame that won’t dig into your nose like some eyewear do.

If you are down, you can pre-order a pair on Kickstarter for £19-£22 (about US$24-29). That’s not a typo. It is really that affordable.

The campaign has already funded and so, your pledge for a product is a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in August 2020.

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Images: Roberto Pallini.

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