For dudes who can’t get enough of Evangelion, you will be glad to know that you can keep EVA close to your junk. And I do mean it in a literal sense because, Evangelion has arrived to the undergarment world.

Toot x Evangelion Nano Boxer Shorts

EVA-themed underwear is not new, but this new offering from Japan’s underwear maker Toot Ltd. is no kiddish wear. The Toot x Evangelion Nano Boxer Short, as it is called, is more sophisticated than that.

It is based on the company’s nano boxer short with a design inspiration drawn from EVA pilot’s plug suit and in this case, two designs are being offered: the plug suit of Shinji Ikari, pilot of EVA Unit-01, and plug suit of Kaworu, pilot EVA Unit-06, as appeared in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advanced.

Toot x Evangelion Nano Boxer Shorts

The underwear is made of smooth nylon and mesh fabric that absorbs moisture quickly while special Toot sewing technique assures a comfy wear.

The product was launched on May 27 (Wednesday), priced at 5,940.00 Yen (or around US$55), but already, both designs are sold out on both Toot’s website as well as on That was quick. I didn’t expect that to happen. Didn’t know Evangelion undies will be this hot. Hey, no judgement here.

Toot x Evangelion Nano Boxer Shorts

All images courtesy of Toot Ltd..

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