alarm clock function is a common place among digital watches, but is a rare feature on an analog time piece, let alone one that was first introduced in the 60s, and subsequently reintroduced in the 1970. what’s even more amazing for a wrist watch produced in seventies, it was capable of taking a dip up to 300 meter deep and its alarm function was totally audible even in underwater. it was, by any measures, a watch making marvel deserving of its time. fast forward to 2013, Vulcain fans can relive the marvelous technological innovations with the faithful replica of the original 1970 release. aptly dubbed the Vulcain Nautical Seventies Limited Edition Dive Watch, this 2013 re-issue stays true to its original with its hesalite crystal that helps to amplify the alarm and the Cricket Caliber V-10, encased in a 42mm 316L steel case in both polished and satin-brushed finishes. there’s no mistake that this is still a dive watch at its very core, and thus the existence of the unique orange shaded rings on the center of the dial face which are used for calculating decompression times when diving. other features include a triple caseback that serves as a resonance chamber for the alarm for underwater use, 60-minute graduated rotating inner bezel ring, screw-locked crown at 4 o’clock, 42 hours power reserved and a black or orange water-repellent leather strap wraps up the vintage touch to the Vulcain Nautical Seventies Limited Edition Dive Watch. only 300 pieces will be made available with an yet-to-be-announced pricing. the Vulcain Nautical Seventies Limited Edition Dive Watch will make its appearance at the upcoming Baselworld 2013, happening from April 25-May 2, 2013.

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Vulcain via Hypebeast via PERPETUELLE

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