mankind obsession with fighting off potential alien invaders are undying. that obsession was probably why the popularity of the 8-bit arcade game (or was it the other way round?), Space Invaders and to date, these pixelated enemy aliens have sort of became an cult icon for video gaming industry – as proven by its wide representations outside of the monitor in the form of luxury time piece, furniture and among the many others. so whether you are totally into the believe that an 8-bit invasion is imminent, or just looking for some fun, chic way to show your love for these 8-bit creatures (we said ‘creatures’ cos’ we are not sure if they are spaceships or purely flying aliens), we believe the Space Invaders Propaganda Print [Poster] will be a perfect match. designed by freelance illustrator Steve Thomas, the Space Invaders Propaganda Print [Poster] is part of his collection of 80s-inspired vintage video game prints and as the name clearly implies, it is a cheeky call to arm, in this case, the Laser Cannon Artillery, to fight off these irresistible alien invaders from above. each print comes in A2 (42 by 59 cm, or 16.5″ by 23″) and is available in choice of unframed (poster only) or framed variety. you can yours for just £19.99 (roughly US$30) for the print-only, or £24.99 (about US$38) for the framed version.

Space Invaders Propaganda Print Poster - Unframed

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