we are not obsessed with super clean air, but if there’s one air purifier that’s based on NASA-developed technology to rid the air of contaminates, you know we’d be pretty thrilled. the appropriately named Airocide air purifier (genocide, airocide? yea. think you get the idea), employs photo-catalytic process to eliminate airborne organics without producing harmful byproducts, but the real kicker (at least for us) is, unlike traditional air purifiers, there is absolutely nothing to clean, which means one less work for us and that my friend, is a very welcomed news. the near-rocket science technology packed within this sleek device get rids of air impurities like mold spores, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, including volatile organic compounds that are emitted, in the form of unseen gasses, by everyday household products around us such as carpet, aerosol sprays, cleaning agents, paints and even air fresheners. technicality and performance aside, the makers behind the Airocide has not forgotten about its aesthetic. the Airocide is every bit of a beauty and features clean lines, detailed metal grill pattern, touch sensitive controls and optional dark wood sleeve for that added touch of class, ensuring that it will feel right at home in any home decor setup. when you have a device that performs and look this good, it is a win as far as our book goes. though there is just one slight issue: it is going to hit you with a pretty hefty $799 bill. then again, we can’t really put a price to our well being, isn’t it?

Airocide via Uncrate via New Deal Design

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