if your idea of blasting your favorite tunes anywhere you go is something that has to be done with impeccable style, then we suppose you wouldn’t want to miss the Kendall Portable Bluetooth Speakers. though there’s one problem: as of now, it has two big red words that said ‘Sold Out’, unfortunate it is, but that won’t stop us from featuring it because the idea of modern technologies such as 2 x 5W Class D amplifier, a pair of 2″ full-range magnetically-shielded drivers, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, an auxiliary audio input, and a 1,000 mAh lithium battery for up to four hours of playback, packed into a retro-style solid walnut chassis, complete with laser-etched acrylic speaker grill – both which are handmade in Montreal, Canada – sounds like porn to us. no. really. the total package of the Kendall Portable Bluetooth Speakers has to offer really gets us on the high. it kind of reminds us of the good old vintage, plasticky FM radio from the 70s that requires a car battery to power it. of course, this beau here has a neat rechargeable lithium pack built-in and could use a regular wall outlet as a source of power. aw. it makes us even more sore now that it has sold out. reality hits hard, don’t they? it was going for $188 a pop which was by no means cheap, but for the virtue of being such a awesome looker, we guess it is worth the dough. the ‘sold out’ reaffirms this fact. period. another image below dedicates to all of us who have missed it, and these who have ordered and waiting for this baby to be ship from April 01, 2013.

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The Kendall Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Back

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