coffee table other than in a form of a regular coffee table is always cool. in fact, what the form it takes, says a lot about you – the owner. take for example, a cassette tape coffee table points to your musical inclination, while a floppy disk table brings out the computer geek in you. but, if the nostalgic gamer in you (console gaming in particular) begs to be heard or seen, then the Wooden Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table by Etsy seller, Bohemian Workbench should put a smile on your face – particularly, if you are one who’s heavy on style. style after the iconic Nintendo controller from 1985, this is a fully functional controller made from a mix of exotic wood, including curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga, and mahogany and is totally compatible with your modern day Nintendo Wii. also included is the uber old school zapper, handcrafted from bubinga and maple, holstered to a removable mount at the side of the table. the zapper basically functions like the original Wii controller and comes complete with vibration and sound. the Wooden Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table connects wirelessly to your console. an oversized controller it is but it also functions as a cool conversation-invoking coffee table in which an included glass top ensures its suitability as a regular (and super awesome cool) coffee table. already drooling for one? then be brace yourself for it will wipe a good $7,500 off your bank account. man. we foresee a lot explanation to your missy about that.

Etsy via Geekologie

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