Dude Reimagined Atari Star Wars Flight Yoke, Works With PC, Mac And More

Good news for fans of Star Wars’s 1983 arcade video game. Glen Planamento of Glen’s Retro Show is crowdfunding to make his redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke a reality. This is a perfect chance for those who has the arcade machine to give the game an upgrade and also a chance for any video …

Razer Outs Junglecat iPhone Gaming Controller Case

Razer has joined the small, but thriving iPhone game controller market with the Razer Junglecat iOS Game Controller. unlike most offering in the market, Razer’s proposition is just 20mm thin and offers unimpeded access to all buttons and ports, which means you can choose to leave the game controller case on your iPhone even when …

GameCase iPad and iPhone Game Controller

mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets has progressed beyond side scroller; today, HD gaming is a reality (and a norm) on the very same device that we used to make calls, surf the Net and check emails. with the iOS 7 this is even more apparent when the updated Apple mobile OS starts supporting native gamepad

Wooden Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table

coffee table other than in a form of a regular coffee table is always cool. in fact, what the form it takes, says a lot about you – the owner. take for example, a cassette tape coffee table points to your musical inclination, while a floppy disk table brings out the computer geek in you. but, if the nostalgic gamer in you begs to be heard

Audojo iPad Case for Games

as much as we love caressing our beautiful Retina display of the iPad, the truth is, we do miss the tactile feel of analog joystick when it comes to gaming. this is where a handy solution such as the Audojo iPad Case for Games comes into play: it turns your regular iPad into a Playstation Vita-like portable gaming system

Duo Gamer Wireless Game Controller

accelerometer and gyroscopes have changed how mobile games are played but honestly, they are novelty factors that will wear out and in time, we will be back craving for the tactile touch of a handheld game controller. apparently, iOS game accessories maker, Duo Games and Game Publisher, Gameloft understand this eventuality and has offer up the Duo…

Ultimate Starcraft II Arcade Stick Controller

the definition of cool is wide and varied but one thing for sure is, you will know something is cool the first time you set eyes on it. the Ultimate Starcraft II Arcade Stick Controller is one such example. you don’t need to be a huge Starcraft or fighting games fan to know this controller is one heck of a beauty. custom made by one…