Good news for fans of Star Wars’s 1983 arcade video game. Glen Planamento of Glen’s Retro Show is crowdfunding to make his redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke a reality. This is a perfect chance for those who has the arcade machine to give the game an upgrade and also a chance for any video game a chance to own a piece of the iconic game controller with a modern twist.

Redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke

Not only does this rebooted game controller works with the original game, it also works with PC, Mac, and Raspberry Pi – thanks to the USB connection and by the virtue of it being an analog joystick. It will work as a trusty steering wheel for racing video games too which is kind of cool. Maybe?

What makes this redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke is, it ditches the gears and potentiometers in favor of magnetic sensors to detect movements. With magnetic sensors, it wins in durability as it is contactless. Plus, it is way smoother and precise. The main body itself is made metal and the handles are of plastic.

Redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke

We love the idea, but truth be told, how many of us has an arcade machine, let alone the copy of the game installed? Then again, since it works for other platforms, I guess it is cool too.

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Glen is looking to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to take the redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke to production and you know what? It has since surpassed its set funding goal and so, it is a go.

If you want one, be sure to back the redesigned ATARI Star Wars Flight Yoke on Kickstarter. You will want to do that because, it has a Kickstarter special price of $150, or $50 off its MSRP of $200. Go check it out.

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