Sarcos Guardian S Snake-like Robot

Sarcos Robotics is perhaps better known for its exoskeleton suit, but do you know it also makes some really useful robots too? The Sarcos Guardian S is one of them. Sarcos Guardian S is what the company called “remote visual inspection platform,” which is pretty much self-explanatory.

The tracks and flexibility center section of this snake-like robot allows it to reach places where drones can’t. It could climb stairs, navigate uneven terrains and even slips into pipes. It can even scale walls too, well, or metal vertical surfaces to be precise – thanks to its magnetized body.

Sarcos Guardian S Snake-like Robot

As you may have imagined, it could serve a trusty robot for inspections as well as search and rescue operations. Onboard of Sarcos Guardian S are 6 cameras, including an IR camera, which the remote operator relies on to navigate the unknown. There’s, of course, light source onboard too.

There’s build microphone and speaker so in a S&R ops, it could communicate with trapped victims. Speaking of trapped victims, it even has a “sandwich box” which it can transport small supplies like medications or food and drink to trapped person.

Sarcos Guardian S Snake-like Robot

It may not look exactly like a real snake, but to be fair, bio-mimicry is not the objective here. Unlike so many research projects focused on mimicking real animals, Sarcos Guardian S was developed with practical functions in mind.

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Also unlike so those research projects, this robot is actually available for purchase. And the price? Starting from a cool $62,000. It could cost more, depending on the options and/or customization you require.

Images: Sarcos Robotics.

Hat tip: YouTube (CNET).