Why People Are Turning To Cheek Lifts For Help

Is there anything more annoying than when somebody says that you look tired? You could have had a refreshing eight-hour sleep, drank plenty of fluids, and sprung into work with an iced coffee ready for the day until your co-worker ruins your day, asking if you had trouble sleeping.

Sometimes looking tired has nothing to do with how rested we are at all. Instead, it has to do with age.

People can begin noticing visible signs of aging as early as their late 20’s and early 30’s. Usual early visual indicators include frown lines, crow’s feet, and other fine lines around the face. As we age, the fat in our face that provides a plump, smooth appearance also begins to shrink, causing the tissue around it to drop, pulling down the skin. When this happens, bags form under our eyes, giving us a tired appearance.

To help combat this natural progression, many turn to cheek lifting procedures.

Who Do Our Cheeks Make Us Look Tired?

Because our cheeks are central to our face, it often serves as the focal point for the entire head, where our eyes are drawn most. This is likely why it is one of the first things people notice when they see somebody with eye bags, they think they “look tired.”

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How Does a Cheek Lift Help?

Cheek lifts are a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps restore a more youthful, rested look to the face by raising the skin back up to its former position. This is typically done while the patient is under general anesthesia, by making incisions in a person’s hairline and or from the interior of the mouth, as it hides scaring from the face. Unlike a procedure like liposuction, fat is not generally removed from the area but repositioned for a more full, smooth cheek. This is often paired with an eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, which removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids.

The whole surgery process is relatively non-invasive, taking only roughly an hour to complete. Cheek lifts also boast a short recovery period of 1-2 weeks, making them extra desirable to working people, as they usually have the procedure mostly healed during a standard vacation time off.

Cheek lifts aren’t only for women either. They’ve become increasingly popular amongst men in their early 40’s hoping for a refreshed, less tired appearance at work, though the desired look may differ. For example, while women may desire rounder, high cheeks, men often opt for a broader, more robust facial profile to help masculinize their appearance.

Should You Get a Cheek Lift?

If you’re insecure about your appearance and considering a cheek lift, a good candidate generally has
the following concerns:
· Lack of cheekbone definition
· Fat Displacement in the cheek and jowls
· Looser, sagging skin
· facial wrinkles and creases
· Sunken under eyes, the bringer of the dreaded “tired” appearance

Featured image: Pixabay (pisauikan).