How many times have you accidentally shove food or a straw into your mouth forgetting that you had a face mask on? If you did, you will appreciate what Israeli inventors at Avtipus Patents and Inventions did.

OK. I admit. I laughed when first saw this. Not because it is useless, but because it makes the wearer looks like Pac-Man chowing down something.

Anywho, the folks over at Avtipus Patents and Inventions has designed a face mask that opens horizontally in the middle via mechanical means. It will either open manually or automatically.

Face Mask That Allows You To Eat

Though it is not clear how “automatic” mode works. In manual mode, however, a remote lever leading out from the mask lets the wearer trigger the opening.

The idea is to make eating at restaurant safer. It should IF the person stop yakking away when the person is putting food in his or her mouth.

It may be mildly amusing, but the Israeli company has already applied patent for the design and has plan to start making the Pac-Man face mask soon. Just kidding. It is not called a Pac-Man. But you can’t argue it does look like the yellow dot with mouth.

According to Reuter, the mask would likely sell somewhere between 85 cents and $2.85. Here, have a look at the eating-friendly face mask in action:

Images: YouTube (Reuters).

Source: designboom.

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