While most 12ish year-old kids are playing NERF blasters, addicted to video games and you know, just doing stuff that adolescents do, young Seshan Brothers Arvind and Sanjay from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania created, among other things, this: LEGO PAC-BOT MINDSTORMS Game – a game of Pac-Mac played out in real-life with LEGO. PAC-BOT is a multiplayer interactive MINDSTORMS game modeled after the classic arcade game Pac-Mac.


It took Seshan Brothers over 10,000 bricks and 3 months to arrive to what you see here. In case you have doubt. Yes, it is a fully functional game of Pac-Man. It leverages on 12 programmable EV3 LEGO MINDSTORMS bricks for its “brain” which works with 6 large motors and 45 types of sensor to complete the setup. PAC-BOT was at the World Robot Oympiad in Chiang Mai, Thailand last year and it will be hitting up West Virginia this July for the Mountain State FIRST LEGO League Invitational.

Sanjay and Arvind are just 14 and 12-year-old, respectively, but already the members of award-winning robotics team and founders of EV3Lessons.com, a website for learning to program the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. Man, as I was writing this, I am feel ashamed of myself. At that age, I was drooling over cartoons and still watching The Electric Company. The closest thing we had at that time to LEGO Technic was Zoids and those weren’t buildable.

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Images: YouTube (Seshan Brothers).

Source: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

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