CLR CFF Clear Coffee

What defines a coffee? The color? Such as black, or in the case of coffee with milk, brown? Or would caffeine and the associated taste of ‘coffee’ enough to qualify a beverage as coffee? This topic is not even debatable. I mean, coffee is coffee, like blue or green is the color of the ocean. We all know that and so when we mention coffee, we expect visual reference like black or brown, and that pretty much all there’s to it. But this being 2017, anything is possible and so, what if I tell you that there’s such a thing as clear-like-water coffee? Would you even drink it?

CLR CFF Clear Coffee

Well, folks, from the aftermath of our blown minds (trust me, its messy), I am writing to tell you that, yes, there’s in fact such a thing as clear coffee. Wait, what?! Yes. Clear Coffee. You know. Beverage that’s clear as water and still taste very coffee? The coffee, if you could call it one, is created by David and Adam Nagy who desires for “a drink that will not stain their teeth” and stain, it will not because that’s exactly what they have achieved with clear coffee.

CLR CFF Clear Coffee

By now, you probably have questions. Hell, we all have questions. Questions like ‘how the hell did they remove the color of the coffee?’ How??? Well, as far as the clear color method is concerned, the guys are keeping mum. Trade secret, I supposed. I respect that, but I sure hope nothing sinister is involved in getting rid of the color. If you know what I mean. However, what we do know is, the coffee consists of two main ingredients: Arabica coffee beans and, well, water. That’s that.

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The color removal process is a secret, I get it, but surely someone must know right? Like, they ought to submit the beverage for the nod of approval from whatever authority, right? Then again, I am not familiar with UK’s law with regards to food and drugs administration. So…Anyways, the drink, aptly called CLR CFF is only available in UK, priced at £5.99 for a 2-pack. But we heard they ship to U.S. too – that’s if you are cool with the shipping fee which is more than twice the price of the 2-pack.

Images: CLR CFF.

CLR CFF via Mashable.