Shotspresso Is A Ready-To-Drink Coffee-In-A-Vial That Is More Instant Than Instant Coffee

If you find yourself always in need for a shot of coffee, but never find the time or equipment to make a cuppa, then you may want to check out Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot. Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot is an interesting instant coffee concept that is more instant than instant coffee. It literally does not […]

Seriously, You Won’t Believe This Clear Liquid Is Actually Coffee

What defines a coffee? The color? Such as black, or in the case of coffee with milk, brown? Or would caffeine and the associated taste of ‘coffee’ enough to qualify a beverage as coffee? This topic is not even debatable. I mean, coffee is coffee, like blue or green is the color of the ocean. […]

Have The Pie And Drink It: Starbucks Japan’s American Cherry Pie Frapp

I am not a huge fan of Starbucks’ Frappuccino, but this one here, American Cherry Pie Frappuccino, is something I would love to have a go with. Why? Because, it’s an American cherry pie, duh. No, wait. Actually, it not only has drinkable cherry pie-like filling, but it has a pie crust lid to complete […]

Starbucks Now Has Whiskey Barrel-aged Coffee Because, Why Not?

The idea of having whiskey early in the morning is not a norm for regular folks, less you are a hardcore liquor addict, but if you reside in Seattle, you may be inclined to have sip of whiskey because Starbucks has a new caffeinated beverage infused with whiskey flavor and it is only available at […]

Grady’s Cold Brew

when the heat is swelling up, the last thing you want is to down a hot cup of your favorite caffeinated brew. it’s hot dude, so it’s going to make you feel worst about the heat. if you are a practical coffee drinker, you would choose the ice cold route (no, not the beer – though that would help too) but getting a mug of home brew ice cold coffee is more than just…