Starbucks Japan’s American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

I am not a huge fan of Starbucks’ Frappuccino, but this one here, American Cherry Pie Frappuccino, is something I would love to have a go with. Why? Because, it’s an American cherry pie, duh. No, wait. Actually, it not only has drinkable cherry pie-like filling, but it has a pie crust lid to complete the American cherry pie consumption experience. Talked about having the pie and eat it, or should we say, having the pie and drink it? Well, the idea of sucking up a pie sure sounds like yummy to me. Unfortunately, as excited as I am right now, I can only drool over it because it looks like it is only available in Starbucks Japan. But if you happen to be in and around in Japan, you can experience the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino between April 13 and May 16, 2017.

Image: Starbucks Japan via Hypebeast.

via Hypebeast.