If you find yourself always in need for a shot of coffee, but never find the time or equipment to make a cuppa, then you may want to check out Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot. Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot is an interesting instant coffee concept that is more instant than instant coffee. It literally does not require you to do anything other than popping the cap and downing the 1.35 oz (40 ml) content.

It comes in a sleek, durable glass vial and kept airtight with an aluminum seal, topped off with an aluminum cap. The container, from the bottle to the seal to the cap, are all 100 percent recyclable. No plastic is involved. Shotspresso reminisces those vials of energy in some game which your character pops a bottle to get a boost in energy. Speaking of boost, as far as caffeine boost goes, each shot contains a pretty hefty 150 mg of caffeine, or about double of your average espresso of similar serving.

Each Shotspresso is brewed using speciality 100 percent Arabica coffee beans and each vial has a shelf live of 5 months. The volume and the size of the bottle are designed as such so that it can be consumed whenever, wherever you so choose. Personally, I think the idea of coffee-in-vial is super cool which is why I find it perplexing why its Kickstarter campaign isn’t getting the traction it deserves.

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If you want to see Shotspresso Compact Coffee Shot becomes a reality, you can chip in by backing the campaign for the product. 36-45 AUD (about US$25-31) gets you 30 Shotspresso (that’s about 0.83 cents-$1.03 per shot). I was thinking shipping may be the stumbling block, but the folks behind Shotspresso did lay out the shipping on its campaign page and IMHO, shipping is definitely not a deal breaker. You can learn more about the product, as well the perks and the logistics over at Shotspresso’s Kickstarter page.

All images courtesy of Shotspresso.

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