Have you gotten into the minimalist wallet bandwagon? No? That’s probably a good thing because your phone could use a little backup juice. But why is it a good thing? And why has it got to do with power bank? Well, because of Poqit. Poqit is no minimal wallet. In fact, it is not much different from a typical wallet in terms of size, but hidden within its BREE crafted small leather form is the elixir your smartphone craved so much: a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery. Now, wallets with integrated battery are not groundbreaking nor new, but Poqit is different.

Poqit Trackable Smart Wireless Charging Leather Wallet

It is not just a power bank shoved into a wallet; it is power bank that leverages on wireless Qi to wirelessly charge your phone. That’s right. No more hassle with nasty, eager to tangle cable. So, yay. Though I must say my experience with wireless charging is nothing short of unhappy. So, I am not sure with Poqit, positioning will be an issue, but one thing i am pretty sure is, you can’t hold the two together and expect it to be charged as you move around. I guess trade offs are to be expected.

Poqit Trackable Smart Wireless Charging Leather Wallet

Anywho, apart from a battery that could bring a conked out iPhone back to life, it also gets RFID protection to keep your credit cards from being skimmed by high-tech scums and it is connected via Bluetooth too, so you’d know if you have left your wallet behind. There’s an integrated ringer that offers audio cue as to where your wallet is, thus making the search for it (Poqit) in your super messy room a little less daunting (but seriously, tidy up your room). There’s no mention of how to top up the charges on the battery in the wallet, but I am going to assume USB as the primary route.

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Poqit Trackable Smart Wireless Charging Leather Wallet

As a boon, the battery itself also supports wireless charging. Of course, for that to happen, you will need a wireless charger like the one Poqit is offering (which also comes with a Qi adapter or Qi-compatible smartphone case for phones that does not support wireless charing natively) on its Kickstarter campaign. Finally, you may have already noticed Poqit Berlin has hooked up with German leather goods maker BREE to bring you Poqit Trackable Smart Wireless Charging Leather Wallet and what this means is, you can be assure of the quality. I have used BREE products before and I still have at least one overnighter which I can tell you that the quality is unquestionable.

If you up for a charging wallet, you may want to consider becoming part of the people responsible for bringing it to life by pre-ordering one on Poqit’s Kickstarter page. Prices start at 119 euros (approximately US$130) for the wallet only, or 149 euros or more (about US$164 or more) for the complete kit including the charging platform and qi-receiver for you smartphone.

Images courtesy of Poqit Berlin.

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