Traveling and capturing breathtaking images are awesome experiences, but the pressure on your neck from a heavy rig isn’t quite. Up till now, traveling photographers have to put with the burden of heavy camera and possibly hope that the joy of photography and beautiful sights will provide a kind of anaesthesia to the pain in the neck. In reality, it hurts. But you don’t really have to put yourself through it because, there’s a thing called Camera Lift-Strap. It turns out that the trick isn’t padding the strap with more foam or bumping up the strap width.

Camera Lift-Strap by Ponte Leather Co. For Travelers

What Ponte Leather Co. did was redesigned the camera strap to allow it to secure to a backpack’s top handle. By doing so, the weight of your rig will be on your backpack and hence, relieving you of the agony. But there’s an obvious catch here: you need to be carrying a backpack and that backpack has to have a top handle. Then again, almost all traveling photographers carry a backpack and thus making Camera Lift-Strap a sensible investment. Camera Lift-Strap can also be used without a backpack, but why would you do that when the whole idea is to relieve your neck of the pressure?

Want one? The good thing news is, Camera Lift-Strap by Ponte Leather Co. is not a crowdfunding product. It is a real product that can be yours in exchange for $37-59 of your hard-earned money. Before you commit, you may want to check out how it works in the video below.

Camera Lift-Strap by Ponte Leather Co. For Travelers

Camera Lift-Strap by Ponte Leather Co. For Travelers

Images courtesy of Ponte Leather.

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