Smartphones targeted at kids aren’t new. Among the sea of for-kids smartphones that try so hard to coax your money out of your wallet to splurge on your little ones, Abardeen’s offering called Novus stands out as a modular smartphone that can transform into a smartwatch and an AI speaker that doubles as handy home assistant too. Granted, as a smartphone, it is not quite one may have expected. For starter, it has no massive display like regular smartphones has.

Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids

However, functionality-wise, it should be suffice to cover a child’s need to be connected, both with the Internet and his/her parents, and doing so safely. The key component here is the square form factor touch screen display which, when use with a phone module, allows it to be use as a regular phone and when use with the watch module, turns it into a smartwatch.

With Novus, your kids will be able to make/take voice and video calls, and text messaging. It is also fitness tracker, tracking steps and whatnot, and it also has SOS baked into it for kid to send for help in an emergency. It has GPS too, allowing parents to be in the know of their child’s whereabouts. There is support for Google Assistant, as well as camera too.

Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids

It can be use with an optional home module that will turn it into an Echo-like device Bluetooth speaker, allowing kids to play music and multimedia contents with voice command while Novus is being charged by the home module’s 4,400 mAh battery. Novus supports nano SIM and 4G LTE, btw, so it is indeed a full-fledged smartphone/smartwatch (just that it has a tiny screen).

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Obviously, 300 words aren’t enough to describe what this made-for-kids gadget can do and so, to have a better idea of what Novus Modular Smartphone for Kids can do, may we suggest you have a look at the product video embedded below, or if check out Abardeen’s Kickstarter campaign page for even more details and/or preorder the product.

It is surprisingly affordable considering what the product has to offer. Early birds will be able to secure Novus for just $149-169 which comes with Novus Core (the touchscreen thingy), Phone and Watch module, or $199-219 for Novus Core, Phone and Watch Module, plus the Home Module.

All images courtesy of Abardeen.

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