want something a little futuristic-looking on your head as oppose to those boring, pretty standard headphones? then we suggest you check out the latest iteration of the LG Tone, dubbed the LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset (HBS-800). retaining the unique design of the original Tone, the Tone Ultra sports an around-the-neck design, but in a more roundish form, and made from a memory alloy, which according to LG, allows the headphone to return to its original form regardless how roughly it is handled. also new to this new iteration is the inclusion of the ambient noise cancellation (ANC) technology that cuts out background noise, so you can better focus on enjoying your favorite tunes or conversation. backing up the audio reproduction is JBL Signature Sound for a premium sound experience and Google Voice Actions integration for looking up a friend, checking out the weather and more, all by just using voice commands.

music and talk controls are through buttons located on each end of the neckband, which also plays home to a built-in microphone to necessitate conversation. the LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset comes into two color options: black or white and is available in the U.S. for $129.99, as listed on Amazon. though, it seems like our favorite online store only has the white model in stock. personally, i still can’t get my head wrap around the idea of a neckband, but for those who do and hoped for something little different from what the rest of the market has to offer, the LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset seems like a good proposition and seriously, what could go wrong with a product that’s blessed with JBL innards and on the aesthetic aspect, has received its due recognition in the form of the 2013 Red Dot Design Award?

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LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset - White

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