Evangelion Battlefields Mobile Game

Good news, fans of Evangelion! Not only there’s going to be an official Evangelion mobile game, dubbed Evangelion Battlefields, there will be some pretty sweet companion hardware for the game from Takara Tomy Arts.

The game was previewed last year at Tokyo Game Show 2019 and it is the product of “Evangelion Battlefields Production Committee” which is made up of staff from companies like Mobcast Games, Takara Tomy Arts, Asmik Ace, and Jumo.

Evangelion Battlefields Mobile Game

The coolest part is, obviously, the gaming hardware produced by Takara Tomy Arts which include an Evangelion controller and a set of mini figurines featuring the various key characters (you know, Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Misato Katsuragi), plus some original characters developed for the mobile game.

If you don’t already know, Evangelion Battlefields is a 3D, real-time action combat game in which two Evangelion units slug it out. Now, here’s the interesting part of the hardware. You will be able to use the Bluetooth-enabled Evangelion game controller to control your EVA unit with just one hand.

As mini figurines, they can be placed on the EVA controller’s “shoulders” and the ID chip will trigger an in-game effect something akin to special move. Each figure will have a different effect.

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Evangelion Battlefields will be available on both Android and iOS on March 26 and costs about 740 yen (around US$6.99) while the EVA controller will sell for 4,980 yen (US$48.50) and the figurines for 750 yen (US$7.30) each. We believe those prices are before tax.

Evangelion Battlefields Mobile Game

With regards to the controller, you will have a choice of either Unit 01 and Unit 00. Also, apparently, the figures are in blind boxes and this means, some luck is required to get what you want and not already own.

Here’s a look at the game and the game controller in action:

Images: Takara Tomy Arts [JP].

Source: Siliconera.