back in those days when Bluetooth headsets just came onto the market and Sony Ericsson was the major maker of such headsets, they were like the size of a microphone boom. ok, maybe i exaggerate a little, but the fact is they were cumbersome and falls off easily, and that’s not mention the terrible voice quality. fast forward to today, and you no longer have make yourself look silly, thanks to tiny Bluetooth headset such as this Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset. at 42% smaller than Jawbone’s prior offerings, it is packed with features that makes wearing and using it a far less obtrusive experience.

for starter, it offers up to 10 hours of talk time when fully charged, while a rebuilt NoiseAssassin technology (aka noise cancellation technology), along with smaller and better-performing MEMS microphones (micro-electro-mechanical-systems) and custom DSP algorithms serves to offer natural, lifelike sound and better signal for speech recognition. speaking of speech recognition, the new ERA works with both Siri and Google Now, which can be activated by simply pressing and holding the button on the back of the headset. aesthetically, it shares the current design language of Jawbone, featuring a patterned design that breaks the monotony associated with Bluetooth headset and it is offered in a choice of four colors.

additionally, with the Jawbone App, you can customize ERA and program easy access to Siri or Google Now for hands-free control, while a built-in locator ensures you will never misplace your tiny ERA. included with the $129.99 package is a convenient charging case and three sizes of replaceable earbuds made with calibrated, ultra-soft silicon that provides a secure and comfortable fit without the need of an earloop.

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Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset

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