spotted: knock-off Twelve South Compass stand [photos]

knock-off Twelve South Compass for iPad 544x588px
(credit: mike) is it even legal?

spotted last week at a local IT store was an iPad stand that looks exactly like the Twelve South item. even the pictures on the packaging were very familiar. i wonder if the store owner was aware about this. just a few store down, there is an Apple official retailer that are selling the authentic Compass. the knock-off item cost US$22 and what i saw was the last piece. it looks to me that it was a sell-out for the knock-off. the reason why am posting this? firstly, i can’t believe i would find a knock-off Twelve South product in the market and secondly, i hope to make people aware about this. personally, i do not support knock-off, like ever. especially true for Apple-related accessories. i can’t understand if a person can afford any Apple products cannot afford to buy any authentic accessories (even from third party). the market has a huge range of accessories from reputable manufacturers with a variety of price range. $22 doesn’t make it dirt cheap but you certainly can get one within your budget that’s totally legit. check out the images. tell me if what was pictured doesn’t look like the Twelve South item.
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knock-off Twelve South Compass for iPad2 544x588px
(credit: mike) a look at the back of the packaging

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