and we thought LaCie is the only one who cares about aesthetic of USB storage devices. well, there is a new kid in market who takes the same level of pride in the design and the functionality too. meet the Truffol Dual OTG Flash Drive, which as the name implies, is a USB storage with USB OTG (On-The-Go) functionality, but what the name didn’t say is how pretty it is. what makes the Dual stands out from its competitions is its form. its unibody zinc alloy construction features a curved portion that not only breaks the monotony associated with regular oblong USB drive, but also enhances grip for easy plugging and unplugging of the device.

Truffol Dual OTG Flash Drive

with its transparent cap on, which is kept looped to a ball chain, it looks almost like a piece of jewelry than a gadget accessories. on the inside, it boasts an advanced chip-on-board and anti-shock technologies, which endows it with the ruggedness needed to cope with life’s unexpected happenings. drop into water or dropped at height? no problem. it can totally take the beatings and is resistant to water too. though it is worthy to note that thou shall not plug any device that’s fresh out of the water into any other devices without ensuring it is completely dried. that’s logic. additionally, it also touts the ability to operate at extreme temperatures, ranging from low 0-degree to a high 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 to 60 degrees Celsius).

being a USB OTG, it is equipped with mini USB for easy backing up of your smart device contents, while a USB 3.0 ensures speedy transfer of data between your computer and the flash drive’s 16GB storage with virtually no latency – all without the need for special software on both ends. sounds like awesome? even more so when it cost a mere $19.99. believe it.

submitted via TIP US page.

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