Truffol Dual Is An OTG Flash Drive Disguised As A Jewelry Piece

and we thought LaCie is the only one who cares about aesthetic of USB storage devices. well, there is a new kid in market who takes the same level of pride in the design and the functionality too. meet the Truffol Dual OTG Flash Drive, which as the name implies, is a USB storage with […]

Truffol Signature Case for iPhone 5 Review

Truffol is a new kid in the premium iPhone case block and we are fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review its Signature Case for iPhone 5. the example we have now is a slim bumper and a leather back cover, which now that it is fitted to our white iPhone 5, looks pretty rad.

Truffol Signature Cases for iPhone 5

true iPhone purists would prefer their iPhones to take the exhibitionist stand i.e. going naked, but we all know that’s not without the risks. then again, typical plastic cases are anything but inspiring. decision. decision. decision. it’s either you open the phone to risk, or mar its look. however, that won’t be the case with the Truffol Signature Cases for iPhone 5.