true iPhone purists would prefer their iPhones to take the exhibitionist stand i.e. going naked, but we all know that’s not without the risks. then again, typical plastic cases are anything but inspiring. decision. decision. decision. it’s either you open the phone to risk, or mar its look. however, that won’t be the case with the Truffol Signature Cases for iPhone 5. there are two styles to choose from: a minimalist bumper style case and a full protection case. whichever you choose, each style features a brush finish CNC-machined frame, lined internally with polycarbonate that prevents it from scratching your precious iPhone 5 and also doubles as a form of shock absorption material for those nasty but inevitable knocks and bumps.

the bumper-style variant features a simple but robust stainless steel back frame which adds a mere 0.9mm thickness to the device, while the full protection case offers an Italian leather backing for that fine touch of class with the leather cowhide hailing from Santa Croce sull’Arno, Italy. the frame itself comes in a choice of silver or navy blue. officially, the Truffol Signature Cases for iPhone 5 will be available for your taking sometime this month with a sticker starting at $60 a pop. however, from now until July 10, Truffol will be giving away 5 units each day through its pre-launch sweepstake campaign which you can sign up on their website.

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