Xbox Announces Edible Chocolate Controller And Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console

There is going to be another Willy Wonka movie. But this time, there’s no retelling of what we already know. Now it is a film that’s devoted to his backstory. But we are not here to tell you about the movie. There’s something relating to Wonka (that’s the title of the movie, btw) that is …

BAPE X Fanatec GT DD Pro Steering Wheel Is A Collaboration You Never Knew You Need

The Fanatec GT DD Pro Steering Wheel is cool and all for playing the Gran Turismo driving simulator but if you are a fashionista, you will want the BAPE X Fanatec GT DD Pro instead. You heard that right. It is the Fanatec GT DD Pro with BAPE cosmetic.

French’s Limited Edition Mustard SKITTLES: Mustard Goes, Ermmm, Chewy?

Can you imagine eating cold Mustard that is kinda creamy and not as a condiment? Well me neither. Just when we thought Mustard Ice Cream and Mustard Donuts (which is not odd at all, IMHO) are the craziest things anyone could turn mustard into, French’s, one of McCormick & Company’s brands, announces it is honoring …

Porsche Celebrates 75 Years With Xbox With Limited Edition Xbox Video Game Consoles

What you see here is the Porsche x Xbox 75th Anniversary collection. Obviously, it is not Xbox that is 75 years old; it is the German marque that is celebrating its 75th year with a series of events and products, and the Porsche x Xbox 75th Anniversary collection is one of the events/products. Actually, I …

This Is PBJ X Pro, It Is The Swiss Knife For Making Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

The age-old debate about what utensil to use and how it should be used when creating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will never have a resolution. However, there is one tool that will have you covered no matter what is your choice of utensil – unless your choice is the pump.

Vivo And KFC China’s Sweepstakes Prize Include A Family Bucket Bag And A Vivo X90

Every Thursday is KFC China’s crazy Thursday where customers can expect to find discounts on select products. However, this past Crazy Thursday was a little different. For this Thursday (January 12), KFC China partnered with smartphone maker Vivo to hold a “buy chicken, win smartphone” campaign.

Here’s Your Chance To Score A Gold-painted Auto-converting Optimus Prime Robot

In 2021, Robosen Robotics shook up the Transformers fandom with the world’s first-ever auto-converting Transformers toy, the Robosen Optimus Prime. Then the company did it again with an auto-converting Optimus Prime trailer that makes the 2021 unit whole and shortly after, a lighter and smaller version, known as the Elite Optimus Prime, was introduced this …

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