There is going to be another Willy Wonka movie. But this time, there’s no retelling of what we already know. Now it is a film that’s devoted to his backstory. But we are not here to tell you about the movie. There’s something relating to Wonka (that’s the title of the movie, btw) that is even more exciting than the movie. Celebrating the return of the world’s greatest confectioner, Xbox has partnered with Wonka for the first-ever edible chocolate Xbox controller and a special edition Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console.

Xbox Edible Controller and Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console

But here’s the thing. Before you go ga-ga over the edible chocolate Xbox controller and the Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console, you have to know that they cannot be bought with money. They can only be acquired through a sweepstakes that is happening as we speak.

Starting today (well, November 13, actually), fans can enter the official Xbox sweepstakes for a chance to win the most extravagant and playful Xbox prizes inspired by Wonka which include the Wonka-inspired Xbox Series X and Storefront Display, and an (X)box of Chocolates.

Xbox Edible Controller and Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console

The Wonka chocolate bar-inspired Xbox Series comes bundled with a unique console display modeled after Willy Wonka’s iconic chocolate store. The console while looking delectable, IS NOT edible. You can however sink your teeth into the (X)box of Chocolates featuring the first-ever official edible Xbox Controller made of 100% pure chocolate and wrapped in the signature gold wrapper.

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Unwrapping the gold wrapper revealed a custom-designed, burgundy-colored Xbox Wireless Controller inspired by Wonka’s coat from the film. In addition, the chocolate gift box also comes with five additional chocolate truffles, each featuring its unique flavor.

Xbox Edible Controller and Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console

Eligible fans can enter the sweepstakes by following Xbox on X (formerly Twitter) and reposting the official Xbox sweepstakes post. The giveaway will run from November 13, 2023, through December 14, 2023, so hope you guys will land yourself the Golden Ticket!

Xbox Edible Controller and Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console

Images: Xbox.

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