Xbox and Microsoft Flight Simulator Dune Promotion

If you are a superfan of Dune, surely a book and a framed and signed photo of your favorite star wouldn’t be enough. If you are looking for more, then we have good news. Xbox and Microsoft Flight Simulator have some special items set up for Dune fans.

Xbox and Microsoft Flight Simulator are blasting off to the dunes of Arrakis with a sandstorm of excitement for the release of “Dune: Part Two.” Get ready to dive into the desert with a free game expansion that’ll have you piloting the sleek Royal Atreides Ornithopter, navigating through tutorials and heart-pumping missions across the alien skies of Dune.

If zipping through the skies of Dune in an Ornithopter isn’t your cuppa, then how about trying your luck in getting some super cool Dune swag? Xbox is rolling out the red carpet with Dune-inspired swag, including a custom Xbox Series S that fits into its very own Ornithopter stand that sits on the sand of Arrakis and the world’s first floating Xbox Controller that’s as cool as it sounds.

Custom Xbox Series S with Ornithopter stand

If you want to have a chance to score these swags be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Xbox’s X (you know, the artist formerly known as Twitter) for a chance to win during their sweepstakes from February 13 to March 25, 2024. Check out the official rules of the sweepstakes HERE.

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For the ultimate immersive experience, step into the cockpit of life-size Royal Atreides Ornithopter gaming simulators at the Microsoft Experience Centers in London and New York. These aren’t your average gaming sessions; they’re a ticket to the heart of Dune, available for a limited time.

Custom Xbox Series S with Ornithopter stand

So, whether you’re a die-hard Dune disciple or a flight sim fanatic, gear up for an adventure that promises to be out of this world. God damn it. I am envious. And I am not even a super fan.

Images: Xbox.