March 2019 marks the 80th years of Batman. Yes, Bat is eight decades old! To mark this occasion, LEGO chipped in on the celebration by revealing no less than six sets of celebratory LEGO Batman sets during Batcave Friday (March 29, 2019). The six sets revealed include a massive 1,037-piece 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion set, a 200-piece 76118 Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle, the 76119 Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker set that packs 342 pieces, a 489-piece 76120 Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist set, a 171-piece 76138 Batman and The Joker Escape set and finally, the 76137 Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery set with a modest 59 pieces.

LEGO 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion

Without a single doubt, the Batcave Clayface Invasion would be the go-to set for any fan of Batman. While the set crossed the 1,000 mark in the number of pieces, it is still a far cry from Brent Waller’s custom LEGO Batcave creation that packs over 100,000 LEGO elements. That said, the Batcave Clayface Invasion may be named so, it is not quite a complete Batcave with cave walls and all. It has none of those and that’s kind of disappointing. Not going to lie.

LEGO 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion
LEGO 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion

Instead, you get some of the key sections of a Batcave, including Batcomputer, workout area, weapons room, trophy room, a transformation tower, jail module. It also come with a Bat-Tank, as well as the key villain, a large, buildable Clayface, plus several minifigures, including Two-Face, Catwoman, Robin, Batwoman, Bruce Wayne and of course, the superhero himself, Batman. Rounding up the set is a bunch of character’s accessories. Also, if you a fan of SHAZAM, you will want to look out for the Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist because it includes a hooded SHAZAM minifigure.

LEGO 76119 Batmobile Pursuit of The Joker
LEGO 76119 Batmobile Pursuit of The Joker

The Batcave Clayface Invasion and the rest of the aforementioned sets, with the exception of Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle which is exclusive to Walmart a month earlier on July, are expected to hit the shelves on August 01, 2019.

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Pricing for the Batcave is $99.99. As for Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle, it will cost $19.99 and the Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker is $34.99. Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist and The Joker Escape will retail for $49.99 and $39.99, respectively. The 59-piece Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery is the cheapest of all, going for just $9.99, AKA my kind of budget. You can find the full detailed run down of each set over at the brothers brick. More looks after the break.

Images: LEGO.

Source: CNET/the brothers brick.

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