Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5 - Classic Black
Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5 | US$59.99 |

even facing fierce competition by other makes of smartphone, Apple iPhone 5 still stands tall among them and therefore, it is never out of sight from those criminal minds who will never stop at snagging your precious one whenever they have the opportunity to do so. but if your iPhone 5 is dressed like a book, then perhaps it would less likely to be a target of thieves. actually, we lied. it is not necessary true if you have such a head-turning case like the Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5 on. it masquerades your iPhone 5 as a beautiful classic leather pocket book and at the same time, gives your 5 an all round protection along with spaces for cards, cash as well as your ID. and so, yes, this is an iPhone wallet. other highlights include an awesome hand-distressed real leather construction, unhindered access to all ports and buttons, built-in camera hole and a window slot with a convenient thumb slide for easy removal of driver’s license or ID. available in Vintage Brown and Classic Black versions, the Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5 is up for grab with a $59.99 sticker. scroll down for some convince-yourself-to-buy imageries.

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