aesthetically, the LASTER SeeThru Augmented Reality Eyewear may not be as appealing as Google Glass, but it is still a piece of tech for those who want to step forward into the future and let AR and GPS feed you with info. noticed we didn’t mention camera? cos’ it doesn’t have one, which may be a turn off for voyeur-minded folks, but that isn’t just the one thing it doesn’t have; it is also does without processing power and data connection, which explains why it managed to weight less than 2 oz. (57 grams).

the LASTER SeeThru is not a standalone device; it needs to be tethered wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone to leverage on the smartphone’s processor and connectivity, and instead of a camera, it uses a series of location and GPS to feed you with information, which, according to its maker, yields improved location accuracy and also make your eyewear friendly just about anywhere. as you know, camera-equipped devices are not welcome in all places, and so the argument goes.

we are skeptical, because we want to be able to capture images and footages too, for purposes that we share keep to ourselves. it does, however, has the obligatory sensors, including gyros, accelerometers, as well as compass, essential for head tracking and of course, it has a see-thru display with 800 x 600 resolution and 25-deg Field of View. a built-in battery provides the juice necessary for the limited circuitry onboard and it can search for contact on your phone, read text messages and emails, as well as listen to music and take calls.

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lets just say that the LASTER SeeThru Augmented Reality Eyewear is the bear essentials eyewear that can provide information you need, but it won’t get you girls or help to recognize faces. if this is the kind of functionality you expect of an Augment Reality eyewear, then pop in to LASTER SeeThru’s Kickstarter campaign and show your support. backing for a pair of LASTER SeeThru starts at $349.

Kickstarter via VentureBeat

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