This Wearable Cinema Offers 5K Resolution And Packs A Whooping 3,515 PPI!

An immersive home theater setup that includes a big-ass UHD display and sound system proper with Dolby Digital audio to boot may set you back at tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly, that is a luxury reserved for richie rich. Not with the Cinera Edge which literally costs a fraction of that price.

Microsoft Introduces HoloLens 2, Claims More Immersion And Comfort

Windows Phone may be dead, but Microsoft is still setting up shop at Mobile World Congress. However, this time, they are there to talk about intelligent cloud and intelligent edge – both which are topics that I will not be able to wrap my head around. So, instead of trying to pretend we are acquaint …

Yuneec’s First Person View Headset For Drone Lets You Watch Movies Too

Yuneec, arguably one of DJI’s biggest competitor, has announced the all-new SkyView headset that will enable drone operators to fly their drones in first person view. Considering how FPV headset is closely associated with drone operation, it is a surprise that no major drone maker has came up with its own and up till now, …

Microsoft’s HoloLens Is The Closest You Will Get To Tony Stark’s Hologram Computer For Now

Besides revealing the brand new OS during the January 21st event, tech giant Microsoft also dished out two hardwares, which kind surprises most folks. They are a holographic eyewear dubbed HoloLens and a big-ass 84-inch 4K all-in-one (more like a TV set, really). The former is one that really shines, despite the influx of video …

Avegant Glyph Head Mounted Display

the Avegant Glyph Head Mounted Display you see here is what it says it is, a head mounted display, though it does look a wee like a pair of headphones. well, you can’t blame it for looking so much like a pair of audio cans, after all, this head mounted display also touts “premium audio experience”

Lumus DK-40 Wearable Display Development Kit

this pair of wearable display coming from HUD maker Lumus, who are better known for their military-grade products, is one of the sleeker high-tech eyewear we have seen to date and one that you can probably wear without inviting stares, well, except maybe for the chunky component at the side which houses a 5MP camera