Wetley may have raced ahead and presented its third party solution for prescription Google Glass but the Mountain View folks also has its own set of solution in response to the style and prescription needs. meet the Google Glass Titanium Eyewear. it is the Google Glass you come to know (and paid a fortune for), but with a little more ‘down-to-earth’ aesthetic. with the Titanium collection, it is no longer just an odd frame across your forehead that beckons you to scream ‘Captain Kirk’ periodically; it is now a proper eyewear, prescription or shades, that earthlings like us are accustomed to. though it will still have the familiar chunky rectangular box with the “latest hardware update”, attached with a floating see-thru display. in short, this new iteration will turn you from a geek to a nerd, a stylish or cool dude, depending on which style you opt for.

available in several styles (four, to be exact) and five new colorways, the new Google Glass Titanium Eyewear features an external mono earbud as opposed to the bone-conduction speaker found in the first generation Google Glass. existing Explorers i.e. those who already have the Glass, can pick up a pair for $225 and attach this new found style to their existing device themselves. the frames work with either clear or shaded lenses with custom fitting by optometrists around San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. though it is worthy to note that the new Glass glasses support corrective factor of between +4 and -4, but it could also be ordered with non-prescription clear lenses if you just want to look a little more regular wearing them. while Explorers can get one now, the rest of us will have to look forward to late 2014 for the Glass consumer launch and hopefully, at a more affordable price point.

Google Glass via TechCrunch via Design Boom

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