Yuneec, arguably one of DJI’s biggest competitor, has announced the all-new SkyView headset that will enable drone operators to fly their drones in first person view. Considering how FPV headset is closely associated with drone operation, it is a surprise that no major drone maker has came up with its own and up till now, operators will have to look to third-party solution if they want FPV as part of their setup. So, I guess SkyView should come as a pleasant news for Yuneec purists who flies a Typhoon H or the Tornado H920.

Setting itself apart from most such FPV devices is it versatility. Apart from its primarily duty as a FP viewer, SkyView also allows you to watch movies, play video games, and more when the device isn’t used for drone operation. Armed with a 5-inch HD screen display, capable of 720p resolution and offering 75.5-degree field of view, SkyView promised to output “stunning, life-like display,” while durable and adjustable headband ensures comfortable wear and adjustability to accommodate those wearing glasses.

So, if you are thinking of picking up a FPV headset for your Yuneec drone and a headset for your multimedia consumption, the Yuneec SkyView First Person Headset could actually save you some money. If you are up for it, you can pick up SkyView off Yuneec web shop and retailers for $249.99 a pop.

Image: Yuneec.

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