this pair of wearable display coming from HUD maker Lumus, who are better known for their military-grade products, is one of the sleeker high-tech eyewear we have seen to date and one that you can probably wear without inviting stares, well, except maybe for the chunky component at the side which houses a 5MP camera, motion sensor, an OMAP processor, as well as the battery pack. the Lumus DK-40 Wearable Display Development Kit you see here is not destined for your consumer faces, and instead it is a development kit “to facilitate and expedite the design and experience-building process for OEM customers manufacturing Lumus-enabled products.”

unlike Google Glass which has a small display at the corner of your vision, the entire right lens of the Android-powered DK-40 is a see-through display touting 640 x 480 pixels. this shouldn’t come as a surprise as Lumus has been creating HUD the whole time and with this pair of glasses, they are just doing what they do best and that’s heads up display. the right lens has a 25-degree FoV, btw, just in case you thought the display is a little too close for comfort. the Lumus DK-40 Wearable Display Development Kit will be making its maiden appearance at the CES 2014, but it won’t be shipped to OEMs and “select developers” until later part of Q1 2014. in the mean time, we have another render image for you to drool over, which you can find below.

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Lumus DK-40 Wearable Display Development Kit

Lumus via Engadget

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