the Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products bear no relation to the alien-saint Yoda in Star Wars and the folks who started this line of awesome products certainly don’t speak like that little green sage (hear for yourself in pledge video below). anyway, if your idea of awesome accessories is carbon fiber, then you are in for a treat cos’ Y.O.D.A Case has the right products for you. besides the sophisticated and sporty look of carbon fiber, each and every Y.O.D.A product is crafted by hand from unique carbon leather weaves, which are specially cured leather, matched to 100% natural wool felt from Northern Finland. the Y.O.D.A lineup includes a couple of laptop bag, an iPhone case, a cardholder, an iPad case and even a belt, if you feel the need to accessorize your body with carbon fiber as well.

we read somewhere that carbon fiber has potential (bad) effects on reception when it comes to radio, but Y.O.D.A assures us that the carbon leather weave has no affect or whatsoever to the reception if you are using with, for example, your iPhone, iPad and the likes. additionally, like genuine leathers, carbon fiber weave each has its own unique character, which are dependent on the thickness, pattern, weight of each layer of carbon fiber and how many layers of fiber are incorporated, but unlike leather, it probably won’t show signs of wear and should look as awesome even as time passes.

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the Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products is currently on Kickstarter, seeking financial backing to get these products off-the-ground and into your hands. you can support them by making a pledge of $33 or more for the cardholder, $55 for the iPhone case, $65 each for the iPad sleeve and belt, $199 for the slim laptop case and $429 for the top of the food chain Y.O.D.A Carbon laptop bag. learn more, you want? then catch the video (below), you must.

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