VOIXATCH Smartwatch Has A Bezel That Doubles As A Bluetooth Headset

I am as wary of any new tech product from little known companies that are on Kickstarter, but somehow, we have to mention the VOIXATCH. VOIXATCH is the first smartwatch that features a built-in Bluetooth headset, so you won’t look silly speaking into an object on your wrist. Sorry, folks. The only one person who […]

Razer Unveiled New Game Controllers And Headset For PS4

Razer has some gears for those looking to up their gaming experience on Playstation 4. The first is a pair of game controller called Razer Raiju Ultimate and Raiju Tournament Edition and the second product is a gaming headset called Razer Thresher headset. The controller is, not surprisingly, looking super sleek and features incredible level […]

The Banana Phone Is A Phone That Is Literally A Banana

Mankind’s fascination for curved phone is not illogical. A curved phone is more ergonomic when placed against the face (but clearly not when placed on flat surface such as the desk). Despite so, only a couple of handsets in the history of mobile phone ever adopted the design. In fact, there was only one and […]

Seesun B:Con Is A Pair Of Sunglasses And A Bone Conduction Headphones

Summer is upon us and you know what means. It means, beaches, sunglasses, and awesome music. While I can give you the beaches, I can tell you where you can get the sunglasses that looks and sounds awesome. Yes. I said looks and sounds, because Seesun B:Con is a pair of sunglasses with integrated headphones […]

Sony Xperia Ear Wants You To Nod Your Head To Answer Phone Call

With the proliferation of voice commands, Bluetooth headset (or earpiece) can be physically as small as possible. While most of us are cool with barking instructions into a earbud stuck inside our sound hole, Sony came up with a whole new and rather weird way of controlling your phone to do you bidding, and that’s […]

This Pair of Buhel Eyewear is Also a Bluetooth Headset That Does Without Earpiece or Earbuds

If you have worn a pair of eyewear with Bluetooth headset, you will know the inconvenience that follows. Well, not if that piece of eyewear is also your Bluetooth headset and we are not talking about any headset that will “inconvenience” your ears, it is one that uses Bone Conduction technology, which basically does away […]

Senss’ Bluewire Brings Hands-free Call Recording on Both Ends to Bluetooth Headset

We have all been there. We conclude a phone conversation, only to forget some details like phone number, address and stuff mention during the conversation. It will be helpful if the other party could send you a text with those information, but hey, we don’t live in a perfect world and so that text thing […]

Motorola Moto Hint: Finally, a Bluetooth Headset That’s Completely Discreet and Customizable

Bluetooth headset has come a long way. it used to be cumbersome and always come with a mandatory boom sticking out. and even with the technological advancement we have today, it still remain an eyesore. that’s precisely why i don’t use one. my thought is, if its going to be an eyesore anyway, why bother […]

Jabra Introduces Stealth Bluetooth Headset With microPOWER Technology

if you have played GTA V, you would have ‘experienced’ the wonder of discreet headset that allows two-communication during your ‘missions’. while the real world has yet to see technologies that keep you always connected with another party or parties without touching your headset, the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset is one step closer to that […]

Damson Brings Bone Conduction Technology To Consumer Headphones With Headbones

most people love music and most people would love the company of music wherever they go or whatever they are doing, including during activities like cycling and jogging. therein lies the problem. when you have earbuds stuck in your sound holes, you will be less aware of the surrounding, which could be a fairly dangerous […]